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Great news: “Social Media ROI: Managing and Measuring Social Media Efforts in Your Organization” (Que Biz-Tech / Pearson) released almost two weeks early.

It is available now in the US and Canada on Amazon.com (paperback & Kindle) and BarnesAndNoble.com (paperback and Nook), and should be available in the EU and the rest of the world in a few days. If you enjoy bucking convention, you can also buy it directly from the publisher by clicking here.

The book will soon have its own website with additional content, news and other cool stuff, but for now, feel free to check out its Facebook page for discussions, news, photos, videos (soon) and other goodies: Facebook.com/SocialMediaROI. Feel free to share pictures of your shiny new copies with the rest of us, videos, reviews, etc.  A few of the early entries (Amazon doesn’t waste any time):

From @RickCaffeinated


From @Maggielmcg

From John Hoyt

Speaking of reviews, I encourage all of you to post yours on Amazon.com (or even BarnesAndNoble.com). especially if you found the book helpful.

You can also follow discussions about the book and many of its topics by searching for #smROI on Twitter, and check into the book using GetGlue.

I can’t wait to hear from all of you.

Oh, and thanks for Geoff Livingston for being the first to give the book a home on Flickr:

Now go forth and recommend this book to every business owner and manager you know: CEOs, COOs, CMOs, CFOs, Advertising execs, PR managers, Customer Service managers, Sales managers, Corporate Communications, HR, Legal… It will help them all understand how to plug social media into their business (and their clients’ business).

More soon.



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Supergenius is this Wednesday in Chicago, and guess what: I’ll be there to discuss (you guessed it) R.O.I.

What else will be going on at Supergenius? Case studies, how-to sessions, and real-world business development, marketing, WOM and Social Media lessons from companies like Starbucks, Intuit, Lego, Coca Cola, Graco, etc. It’s going to be pretty badass.

AND, since it’s GasPedal honcho Andy Sernovitz’ birthday today, please join me in wishing him a very Joyeux Anniversaire.

If you haven’t registered yet, be sure to do so asap ,procrastinator! (And be sure to use the discount code in the above image to save a few bills.)

In case you have no idea what I am going to talk about, here is the interview (audio) I did with Supergenius a few weeks ago. It covers a few things:

Go check out the rest of the deets here, and I hope to see you there.

(Now can you crank up the thermostat up there? I’m getting reports of not-very-warm weather. Cheers.)

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I am pretty excited to announce that I will be speaking at the Like Minds Conference on October 16th in Exeter, England. The conference is the brainchild of Scott Gould, Trey Pennington, and Andrew Ellis who… presumably got the idea for this event while holding on to a pint or two. (At least I hope so.)

What I like about Like Minds so far:

1. The conference will focus on two things dear to my heart:

a) Sustainable social media practices (how to develop, manage and integrate social media programs, how to turn customers into brand advocates through social media, how to blend social media into your business mix, etc.), and

b) Best practices for social media measurement (particularly how to define and measure social media ROI).

Already, you can see how this is right up my alley. We’re finally tucking evangelism away and getting to methods and best practices. It’s about time.

2. It’s in Exeter, England.

As much as I love living on this side of the pond, it’s nice to fly back to the other side every once in a while and reconnect with my roots. (Yeah, I need a regular dose of euro living every once in a while, just to make sure all my systems are still properly calibrated.) And given the proximity of the UK to France, I’m guessing I’ll probably take advantage of being in the EU to pay my patria materna a quick visit, stuff my face with croissants and brie, shake my fist at a moped or two, and argue about art and literature with complete strangers.

Not to mention some of the sight-seeing I intend to do in the UK.

On a more serious note, the prospect of speaking at a conference in England is pretty cool, but more importantly the opportunity to learn from social media practitioners in in the UK and EU, compare notes, share stories, etc. is pure gold to me. Sometimes, you kind of have to hop out of the fishbowl a little bit and go see how the other fishies swim. I know I am going to come back with my head abuzz with ideas. (I won’t sleep for weeks.)

3. The roster of speakers.

Aside from moi, this is what it looks like so far:

Andrew Ellis @drewellis

Andrew is a creative director with extensive startup experience, a seasoned innovator, and co-founder of Like Minds. He pioneered Eyetoeye Digital as one of the earliest ‘new media’ agencies in 1993, working with both household brands, and multinationals. His work has received international acclaim, from the iconic slogan T-Shirts for Kathryn Hamnett in the early 80s, to Grammy nominations, and most recently, ‘Orbit’, a documentary-come-musical with extensive CGI of explored universe which is touring the US in 2010. Drew’s accomplisments, past and present, are available in full at his personal blog.

Trey Pennington @treypennington

Trey is leveraging social media to connect with audiences around the world. HubSpot ranks his Facebook profile as the #4 most influential in the world. Since January 2009, Trey has started or helped start ten Social Media Clubs—eight in the southeastern United States, one in the United Kingdom, and one in Australia. His home club now has over 550 members and was, for most of 2009, the second largest Social Media Club in the world. Trey’s book ‘Spitball Marketing’ is being launched at Like Minds. For more information, visit http://www.treypennington.com.

Laura Whitehead @littlelaura

Laura is a web developer and a consultant on social media integration and online community development. Based in South Devon and the founder of Popokatea, she works with awide range of clients including the nonprofit and public sector, and small business enabling them to use innovative methods and online technology to extend their reach, engage with their audience and achieve their goals. Laura was quoted in Fast Company as “the queen of nonprofit technology in the UK.” (Pretty cool.)

Andrew Davies @andjdavies

Andrew is co-founder of idiomag.com, an personalised publishing platform that is at the cutting edge of the digital publishing revolution. He also previously co-founded thruSITES, a London-based social media development agency with clients such as Universal Studios, Sky, ITV and Number 10.

Carl Haggerty @carlhaggerty

Carl is the Enterprise Architect at Devon County Council. He guides social media usage and change in businesses and organizations, creating and installing frameworks and policies for social media and networking. He has a broad background ranging from Sustainability and Community Development, Tourism & Economic Development to Business Administration and Communications. Carl’s blog is at http://carlhaggerty.wordpress.com.

In other words, no fluff. And some new voices, which I like.

4. Meeting a whole new batch of tweeps in the real world, all of whom will have really cool accents.

You can’t beat that.

5. The price of admission.

While some social media conferences charge upwards of $1000 for the privilege of listening to celebrities talk about their twitter adventures, this one made sure to make admission affordable, therefore open to all. I like that. If you book now, You’re only looking at 25 quid. At the door, 35 quid. I have a lot of respect for that.

So if you’re able to make it to Exter on the 16th of October, I encourage you to drop by, share your stories, listen to ours, and join the fun. Find out more here, or just go ahead and book today.

And if you intend to be there, drop me a note. 😉

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In case you’re going to be near Charlotte, NC on August 24th, you might want to add this to your calendar.

I will be presenting on Social Media R.O.I. (the real thing, including the method) and answering questions, so it might be worth the road trip. Not just blog posts, not just videos but the big live show. And it’ll be the first time I show this stuff to a crowd all in one go, so it should be interesting. If you haven’t registered yet, go here.


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“The person who says it can’t be done is always interrupted by the one who just did it.”

– From the movie “Daylight,” with Sly “Rocky/Rambo” Stallone

To every Social Media pundit or measurement “guru” out there who claims that calculating the ROI of Social Media is either impossible, too imprecise or even irrelevant, I have an ice-cold bottle of reality waiting for you: You’re wrong and you don’t know what you’re talking about.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: Just because you don’t know how doesn’t mean it’s impossible. 😀

Fact: R.O.I. calculation isn’t rocket science. I can teach a 10-year-old the basics of R.O.I. calculation in 30 minutes.

Fact: R.O.I. calculation is media-agnostic. (It isn’t an old media or new media discussion. Not even close. If you are talking about impression, CPMs, clickthroughs or other media metrics as R.O.I. values, check your map: You are hundreds of miles off course.)

Fact: R.O.I. matters to people who run businesses because it either validates or invalidates an investment (Social Media or otherwise). So you can’t skirt it, blow it off or make it up.

Fact: R.O.I. monitoring allows companies to fine-tune their marketing and business-development efforts on the fly and improve outcomes over time. (If you don’t understand R.O.I., you can’t measure the effectiveness of your activities, and if you can’t measure effectiveness, you can’t truly impact performance. It’s kind of like driving blind.)

Fact: If you don’t understand R.O.I. from a business (P&L) perspective, you just don’t understand R.O.I. Sorry. That’s just reality. Deal with it. (And fix it. For your own sake.)

Fact: Claiming that Social Media R.O.I. is difficult or impossible to measure is as ill-informed as saying that changes in transaction trends are difficult or impossible to measure.

Fact: Every time I turn my head to see who just used the word “impossible,” all I see is the ego of someone who thinks they have nothing new (or old, in this case) to learn.

Fact: The more specialized a measurement “expert” is (especially when it comes to media measurement), the less likely it is that they will be able to help you put all of the pieces of the Social Media R.O.I. question together. So beware the gurus. Their focus is likely too narrow to be of any use to you when it comes to calculating R.O.I.

The truth is, R.O.I. measurement takes work but is relatively simple to do. You just can’t get caught up in mistaking media metrics and “impact” measurement (like increased traffic to your site, social mentions or positive WOM) with actual R.O.I. analysis. (Apples and oranges.)  Those of us with practical business management experience (in which R.O.I. analysis and real business performance come in daily doses) AND  in community or brand management have been doing this sort of thing for years. We know how to measure what matters, and it’s simple.

So if you’re a business executive who feels frustrated by the lack of R.O.I. understanding in the Social Media “expert” community (or the media measurement community), relax. Don’t buy into the “it can’t be done” cop-out. That tired old line is about to be swept out the door for good.

Hang tight. We get into the “How” in just a few more days.

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