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chico and the snow ball

Since some of you requested some pics of the Chihuahuas’ snow day…

Above: Chico dodging a snowball. Yeah, he squints like that sometimes. Snow is not his element. Below: Chico and Chiquita enduring the snow for our entertainment…

chico in the snowsnowdog again

Snow Chiquita

chiquita snow 2If you kids are nice, I may even post some video later. ;)

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snow tree, by Olivier Blanchard 2009

Greenville hadn’t seen this much snow in about 15 years. (I wish I’d had a camera with me last night, when we got snuck in the snow storm and barely made it home. Cars in ditches, SUVs spinning out of control on the I-85, 20ft visibility on back roads (when you could even guess there was a road there). It took us a while, and we almost got stuck in the snow a few times, but we finally made it to our street unscathed – though we had to ditch the car a quarter mile or so from the house since we couldn’t make it up the final hill. The weird part was the thunder and lightning during a snow storm, but I guess these things happen every once in a while.

And while today, most of Greenville is probably fine, we’re still snowed-in. (Living out in the country is fun, isn’t it?) While we wait for the snow to melt so we can make it down our hill without skidding into something expensive, here are a few pictures from this morning’s winter wonderland.

We’ll be back tomorrow with regular blog posts. Have a great day! 🙂

snow blooms, by olivier blanchard 2009

building a snowman, by olivier blanchard

snowman Jack, by olivier blanchard 2009

snowman crew, by olivier blanchard 2009

snow buds, by olivier blanchard 2009

olivier blanchard, snow day 2009

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