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Last week, I had the pleasure of presenting at Smartbrief and SocialFish’s final #Buzz2010 workshop of the summer.

Before I get to the presentation, why not get warmed up with…

Making Sense of Social Media R.O.I. (Smartbrief)

by Rob Birgfeld

The chatter around ROI seems to be as loud as ever. What would you attribute this to? Are we at a pivotal moment for business proving value for social media activities?

The chatter around social-media ROI is as strong as ever for two reasons: The first is simply because ROI [points to] one of the most important questions an organization can ask before green-lighting a social-media program: I could spend this budget somewhere else — Why should I spend it on social media? Before any other questions can be asked, you have to start with “why.”

The second is that most social-media “experts” seem incapable of… (more)


Does your Social Media Campaign Pass the F.R.Y. Test? (Smartbrief)

by Jesse Stanchak

“Money is money.”

That might sound like the simplest business lesson there is — the kind of thing most people understand before they even learn to read. But as  Olivier Blanchard noted at the Buzz2010 event (full disclosure: SmartBrief helped organize the event) it’s often the first business principle people ignore when they start talking about social media. Social-media gurus love to pretend that ROI stands for “return on involvement” or “return on innovation.” But it doesn’t. It’s return on investment — as in money.

Word of mouth is not money. Engagement is not money. Buzz is not money. Those things can all be gateways to money, but unless you can make the conversion, they’re all ultimately worthless. Only money is money.

Social media isn’t free. The time it takes to run a social-medial campaign diverts resources (time, talent, technology) from other activities. So it needs… (more)

and even the piece from Maddie Grant, over at Social Fish,

and the one from Maggie McGary.

Also check out the sort-of complete Twitter transcript of the event here.

Okay, so now, the presentation. The Social Media R.O.I. part starts on page 31, I think. Everything leading to that builds context. Not every slide will be clear without me narrating, but you should still be able to follow pretty easily.

The twist here is this: The presentation takes the Social Media R.O.I. narrative you have already seen and heard from me, and applies it to NFPs (not for profit organizations) and Associations.

Ah, so.

If the presentation doesn’t work with your browser, here is the link to the deck on slideshare.

I hope this helps. Feel free to share this with all your NFP friends and clients.

Disclosure: Social Fish and SmartBrief are clients – they hired me to speak at their event. I also sit on Smartbrief’s Social Media Advisory Board.

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No blog post today as I am in Washington DC for this summer’s final #Buzz2010 event. Here is the link: http://www.buzz2010.org/

The event takes place on the morning of the 18th, so if you read this before then, it probably isn’t too late to register. My predecessors this year were Groundswell author Charlene Li, nationally syndicated columnist Alexandra Levit, American Red Cross Social Media manager Wendy Harman, and Mark Story – adjunct professor of public relations at the University of Maryland and director of New Media at the S.E.C.

In other words, the smart kids went first.

I will speaking about… you know it: Social Media R.O.I., but this time with a twist. We’re taking the R.O.I. bit into the realm of non-profits, which should be interesting.

If there’s still time on the clock, find out the details here, and feel free to register.

See you in DC.

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When I was recently asked to join SmartBrief on Social Media‘s advisory board, I had no idea how many big names were going to come along for the ride as well. I feel truly humbled to be in the company of folks like Ogilvy Worlwide’s John Bell, Connie Bensen, Guy Kawasaki, Geno Church, Ann Handley, Shel Israel, John Moore and Valeria Maltoni – to name a few. With such an impressive team of advisors, I am pretty sure that SmartBrief’s foray into the world of Social Media intelligence will be pretty solid.

From SmartBrief‘s blog:

To keep stride with social media as it races ahead, SmartBrief has assembled an impressive list of social media thought leaders and practitioners as advisers and contributors to the daily SmartBrief on Social Media newsletter, accompanying blog and @SBoSM on Twitter.

In case you aren’t yet familiar with SmartBrief, the group provides must-read news and intelligence in 20 key industries to over 1.5 million thought leaders and high potential professionals. (That’s you, by the way.) Subscriptions are basically free, thanks to partnerships with 70 leading trade associations and professional societies. Find out more here. It’s pretty cool stuff.

The full list of advisors (with brief bios) is here. (Or you can just browse the list below.)

John Bell – Ogilvy PR Worldwide

Connie Bensen – Techrigy

Olivier Blanchard – BrandBuilder Marketing

Paul Chaney – Bizzuka, Inc.

Geno Church – Brains on Fire

Todd Defren – Shift Communications

Lindy Dreyer – SocialFish

Ann Handley – MarketingProfs

Shel Israel – Global Neighbourhoods

John Jantsch – Duct Tape Marketing

Mitch Joel – Twist Image

Stacey Kane – California Tortilla

Beth Kanter, Beth’s Blog

Guy Kawasaki – Alltop

Geoff Livingston – Livingston Communications

Valeria Maltoni – Conversation Agent

Drew McLellan – McLellan Marketing Group

Stephanie Miller – Return Path

John Moore – Brand Autopsy

Steve Radick – Booz Allen Hamilton

Andy Sernovitz – Gaspedal

Shiv Singh – Razorfish

Debbie Weil – BlogWriteForCEOs and WordBiz.com, Inc.

Morgan Witt – Red Door Interactive

Good times ahead. 😉

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