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Sorry folks, I know this has nothing to do with brand development, marketing or social media, but… oh wait, it does! (I’ll come back to that.)  Truth is, I wanted to post this because it made me laugh outloud. And I laugh every time I see it. If you don’t know these guys, it probably won’t be as funny to you, but if you know them it’s priceless.

Check out the full post here.

Oh, and about the brand/marketing/social media thing: One of the many things that sets Orange Coat apart from other web design firms is the fact that they can blend humor with flawless design better than most, and this card is a testament to that. They may make it look easy, but trust me, it isn’t. Turning ideas (yes, even goofy ones) into reality is easier said than done, but not so much for them.

I love it: Taking the most boring, cliche Christmas season tradition in the world and turning it into a conversation-starter? Brilliant.

And as for the Social Media angle, the post has all of Orange Coat’s Socmed particulars (yay Twitter).

I don’t mean to shamelessly plug my friends today, but after seeing this, how could I not? 😀

Transparency Note: I do not currently receive any remuneration from Orange Coat or any of its agents, but this post may earn me a beer or two. Or three.

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OC4 is live.

click here if you know what’s good for you.

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Where am I going to be hanging out while not at my desk Tuesday and Wednesday?

At Innoventure 2008, of course!!!! (It’s where all the cool kids and innovation junkies in the South East will be. How could I miss it?)

If you’re going to be anywhere near the Carolina First Center and want to do lunch, call my cellie.

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Courtesy of (mostly) Bear at Orange Coat/Orange Yeti, here is the photostream from yesterday’s inaugural Tech After Five event:

PS: In true Yeti/bigfoot lore fashion, I cannot produce a single material witness and have absolutely no photographic evidence to corroborate my sighting of – and brief conversation with – The Practioner himself at the event. What are the odds. Seriously.

It’s a crazy, crazy world. Or at least a small one.
Big thanks to Phil Yanov for putting this on.

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photo: The gang, obviously reading a BrandBuilder post.

I finally made it to one of Orange Coat‘s notorious Bag-Lunch-Thursdays today, and proceeded to get my buttocks handed to me at a game of wii bowling.

Among the topics of discussion:

– Who actually started OC’s BLT tradition?
– Would you pay $150 to spend cocktail hour with the most evil person on the planet?
– Do the French secretly love McDonald’s?
– Where is Julia Child actually from?

For the photostream, go here. For the story, go here.

The final scores. That’s… me… on the far right.

The all-knowing Orange Yeti may have won this time… but I will have my revenge.

Things I’ve learned today:

– There are worse ways of spending your lunch hour on a Thursday.
– I suck at wii bowling.
– Cucumbers and balsamic vinegar go well together.

Have a good one. 😉

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Celebrity Birthdays Today: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Sir Ian Mc Kellen, Jessi Colter, Anne Heche, Lauryn Hill, Mike Meyers, and… Evan Tishuk (a.k.a. Gustav)!!!

Happy Birthday, orange coat‘s creative & technical honcho!

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