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From the very awesome Advergirl Blog – hat tip to Dave Armano’s fierce Twittering:

Question: What blogs and books do I read to stay on top of trends?

Well, I should say that ‘staying on top of trends’ is a pretty relative term these days. But, to stay somewhat aware of the cool stuff in my tiny area of addiction/interest, here are my top picks:


  • Adaptive Path
  • Advertising Age – CMO Strategy
  • Andrea Hill
  • B&A
  • Bokardo
  • ChangeThis Newsletter
  • Chief Marketer
  • Church of the Customer
  • Compete
  • Cowshed Productions
  • eBusiness.org
  • Emergence Marketing
  • Groundswell
  • Hill | Holliday
  • Hitwise Intelligence
  • Horse Pig Cow
  • How Advertising Spoiled Me
  • I Believe in Advertising
  • indexed
  • Jeremiah Owyang
  • Jeremiah Owyang
  • Joe Niedecken
  • Kelly Mooney
  • Logic+Emotion
  • Lynetter’s Online Dev Slides
  • Marketing Profs Daily Fix
  • Media Buyer Planner
  • Noah Brier
  • Own Your Identity
  • Paul Isakson
  • Pleasure and Pain
  • SAW a good idea
  • StickyFigure
  • The Brand Builder
  • Todd And
  • Tom Fishburne: Brand Camp
  • Trendwatching
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    Gorgeous search app. if you’re looking for something a little more stylish than Google or Yahoo. Nothing cooler than functional eye candy. Searchme looks and feels like a cross between Minority Report and Flickr. I like. Above: playing with a BrandBuilder search.

    Also, check out Trendpedia, which helps you search and compare trends in blogs. Below: A comparison between Apple, Whole Foods and Starbucks.

    Hat tip to the very sharp Andy Woolard.

    Bonus link (also from Andy): Muxtape. The coolest/geekiest way to spend a Friday evening cutting good old fashioned mix tapes for the object of your desire (like you used to in High School)… except in an mp3 world. Not at all branding or or business-related (aside from the throwback page design), but check it out anyway. You’ll be glad you did.

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