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Geno Church speaks at SMC Greenville

From Lydia Dishman’s piece on FastCompany.com:

Energy. Enthusiasm.  Optimism.

Hardly words that come to mind when describing a 7:30 am meeting on a chilly Monday morning.  But the main dining room of Soby’s on South Main Street in downtown Greenville, SC fairly crackled with the energy of the 100 people packed in for the inaugural meeting of the Greenville chapter of the Social Media Club (SMC).

Live feeds made the meeting available to groups in Shanghai, China and Orlando, Florida. A welcome message by Steven Weathers, an American professor currently residing in Shanghai, kicked off the high-octane feature presentation by Geno Church, “Word of Mouth Inspiration Officer” of Brains on Fire, a local branding agency in Greenville.

Using slides, film clips (including the hilarious “These go to eleven” sequence from This is Spinal Tap), and stories, Church chronicled the success of campaigns such as Fiskars “Fiskateers” and the Park Angels in Charleston to illustrate how social media played a role in the viral building brands. As enthusiasts connected to each other, relationships grew and consequently strengthened the brand’s image. “Community loves company,” explained Church… Read the rest of the article here.

(Then recommend it and come back.)

So what do you think really motivated 100 people to get out of bed a lot earlier than normal on a freezing cold Monday morning to come hang out together? (Aside from Geno, of course.) Do you think it was to talk about FaceBook or Twitter? Do you think it was to exchange tips about apps, widgets and how to get more followers? Do you think what brought these people together – not only in Greenville but all around the world in this case – really had anything to do with Social Media tools or tech talk?

Or do you think that maybe, just maybe there is something a whole lot more relevant and important going on? Something much more human and powerful?

I welcome your thoughts.

To connect with the Greenville Social Media Club, go ahead and say hi to @SMC_Greenville on Twitter. The group will follow you back. 🙂

Event Photo Galleries: @nullvariable, @linkerjpatrick, @thebrandbuilder (If you have more photos of the event, we’d love to share them here.) Also Check out Channel 7’s coverage of the event here.

Social Media Club Greenville


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OC4 is live.

click here if you know what’s good for you.

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The Microsoft gang enjoyed seafood carnage at Greenville’s posh AZIA restaurant last night.

Two words: Yummy.

Awesome service, cool digs, $5 martinis (Wednesdays), and basically a flawless dining experience. If you’re in Greenville (or ever pass through), I recommend it.

Great food. One of the many perks of hanging out with Bill Gates’ crew on a regular basis.

Top: Volcano, Dragon, Shogun rolls + yellowfin, tuna, eel and octopus nagiri.
Above: A delicious sea bass.

Yes, I’m a freak who carries a camera everywhere he goes.

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Courtesy of (mostly) Bear at Orange Coat/Orange Yeti, here is the photostream from yesterday’s inaugural Tech After Five event:

PS: In true Yeti/bigfoot lore fashion, I cannot produce a single material witness and have absolutely no photographic evidence to corroborate my sighting of – and brief conversation with – The Practioner himself at the event. What are the odds. Seriously.

It’s a crazy, crazy world. Or at least a small one.
Big thanks to Phil Yanov for putting this on.

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Aha! Fellow Greenville blogger James T. (of the evidently very well designed Bike Design blog) points me to this list of 12 well designed Blogspot blogs on Pingable. Both Bike Design and The BrandBuilder made the list, which makes me pretty happy.
This is not a list of the 12 BEST designed Blogspot blogs, mind you, but it’s still pretty cool to be recognized in this way.
My three principal secrets for designing such a cool looking blog:
1. A complete lack of web design & code knowledge forced me to keep things VERY simple.
2. When in doubt, flood the page with empty white space.
3. When none of your other ideas seem to work, take pictures of the stupidest looking dog you can find (in this case, my wife’s Chihuahua) and throw all good sense aside.
I am all for making the visual elements of a brand make sense, but sometimes, going the random/abstract route can be just as effective, if not more. (Note to creatives everywhere: When working on a design project for a client, always try to submit at least one off-the-wall but genuinely original design. Worst case scenario: They won’t go for it. Any other scenario: Your unexpected design will infect your clients with creative energy, which is always a good thing.)
Have a great Thanksgiving eve, everyone. 🙂

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