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Excess: Running the numbers

Continuing the discussion from the previous post…

God bless our economy, but this very quick presentation by Chris Jordan (on Business Interactive) will make you wonder just how long we can sustain this kind of nonsense:

People in the US uses 60 thousand plastic bags every five seconds.

The US uses 200,000 plastic bottles every five minutes. (That’s OVER TWO MILLION PLASTIC BOTTLES EVERY HOUR!)

US prisons currently house 2.5 MILLION prisoners. (That’s almost the entire population of Chicago, by the way.)

200,000 Americans die from smoking every six months.

9 MILLION children in the US did not have health insurance in 2007.

The US spends $12.5 Million of taxpayer dollars every hour in Iraq.

I’m not sure what this says about brand “America” but it doesn’t exactly spell two thumbs up.

The presentation is pretty intense as it uses incredibly large images to put these numbers in the proper context/scale.

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