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chico and the snow ball

Since some of you requested some pics of the Chihuahuas’ snow day…

Above: Chico dodging a snowball. Yeah, he squints like that sometimes. Snow is not his element. Below: Chico and Chiquita enduring the snow for our entertainment…

chico in the snowsnowdog again

Snow Chiquita

chiquita snow 2If you kids are nice, I may even post some video later. ;)

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So, what does a French Brand Strategist living in the deep South do on his day off?

Brush teeth. Get dressed. Walk dogs. Clean kitchen. Do dishes. Clean bathroom. Put away laundry. Finally get around to fixing the garbage disposal unit (or rather diagnose the problem through trial-and-error, then perform surgery on a defective power switch in the wall). Go buy new swimsuit to replace the one with the see-through behind I was forced to wear yesterday. Drop in at Orange Coat just to say hi… and check out the new wii. Drive to gym and change into Lycra monkeysuit. Ride bicycle up and down mountains for three hours. Get out of wet, freezing clothes. Head back out and run for 45 minutes to make sure that my legs are shredded all the way. Swim for 30 minutes to stretch out and relax a bit. Shower. Drive home. Eat vasts amounts of food. Check email. Check messages. Check blog posts. Have lunch. (Kidding. Lunch happened before the bike ride.) Work on some sweet graphics concepts for a client’s website. Help kids with homework. Ponder my weekly 24 vs. Heroes scheduling dilemma. Get stuff ready for next day. Pass out.

This is how I clear my head sometimes. Today was a good day. 🙂

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