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Outdoorsy women can finally accessorize with their pink iPod (or Zune):

It’s about damn time too.

Straight from Gizmodo:

“What better way to attract those lovely ladies to the hunting festivities than a pink shotgun? Offered for the first time this season exclusively by sporting goods and gun purveyor Gander Mountain, this 20-gauge Remington 870 Junior shotgun is offered complete with a pink Remington hat for $369.99. All that’s missing is the Hello Kitty insignia.”

It might clash with orange vests, but there’s something to be said for a company in a male-dominated industry that at least tries to cater to women.

Judging by how many female cyclists and triathletes refuse to buy pink bicycles, most women probably won’t want a pink gun either, but I’ll bet most boyfriends and husbands looking to get their significant others into their sport of choice (whether it’s huntin’ or good ol’ clay target obliteration) will be biting come Christmas time… especially in red states.

But come on: A 20 gauge? Why not go all out and also make a 12 gauge version?

And maybe one in Clemson orange maybe?

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