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Chiquita, Chico, Cholula and I wish you all a very merry Christmas.



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Brandbuilder Chihuahua Christmas 2008

Let me join Chico and Chiquita to wish you all a very, very, VERY Merry Christmas. No lumps of coal in anyone’s stockings this year!


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Our warmest wishes to all of you today and this evening. We want to wish everyone safe travels and a very wonderful Christmas Eve.

We’ll make today and tomorrow’s posts pretty light since most of you should have better things to do than read a 30,000 word post about marketing and business and whatnot on Christmas. So today, unplug a little. Take the business hat off, and toss it someplace where you can forget it for a bit. Get into some jeans, have a delicious hot beverage (cider… eggnog… chocolate milk… Latte… sake… whatever… ) and enjoy your rare time off.

And as always, you can track Santa’s progress via Twitter (We’ll all keep an eye to the sky) and NORAD.


Have a great Christmas Eve, everyone.

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Merry Christmas!!!

Have a blessed and merry Christmas, everyone!!! (Just go easy on the eggnog.)

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