If you like this blog and others like it, don’t support SOPA or any of its variants.

If you hate this blog and others like it, support SOPA and all of its variants.

It’s that simple.

1. None of it effectively impacts piracy.

2. It throws the baby out the window but doesn’t do a whole lot to throw out the bathwater. It’s backwards.

As much as I’ve loved writing here for the last 7 years, if SOPA or any future incarnations of SOPA pass, I will have to shut down this blog. Here is why:


As for the reason why supporters of SOPA are wrong about it, there’s this:


SOPA doesn’t just completely miss the mark when it comes to making it harder for digital piracy to take place, it also basically puts the internet under Taliban rule.

Call or email your representatives (or post to their wall on FB) and tell them not to vote in favor of the bill or any other bill that addresses online piracy in this way. Thanks.

PS: This blog post is in violation of SOPA/PIPA. This blog has over a thousand posts just like it. Nobody wants to end up like this: