Today, I give you these words of wisdom, which I will be sure to follow to the letter for the next 365 days:

“Forty?! Balls!!!” – Author unknown.

And yes, as you can see, I started out with both custom bling, and classic threads. The hair, teeth, and posture came later, along with… my pants.

And for a while, things kind of went downhill from there, as evidenced by the picture below. (And no, I had no idea that Heff copied me until years later.)

Not all birthdays need be dignified.

Find the hidden objects:

  • Bottle of Yop (1 point)
  • Ralph Macchio hair (5 points)
  • Sunset fade Cokin lens (3 points)
  • Cokin polarizer lens (5 points)
  • Glass of wine (2 points)
  • Chocolate cake (2 points)
  • Yellow candle (2 points)
  • Dweeb (10 points)

Have a great Monday, everyone. πŸ™‚