Gary Vaynerchuk at the L2 Innovation 2010 Forum discusses the humanization of business (or rather the re-humanization of business). It’s a few months old, but it is as relevant today as it was back in November. (Hat tip to Robert Lavigne for digging it up.) Everyone in marketing and consumer-facing roles should watch this video. It’s only 8 minutes long, so it can serve as a smokeless smoke break if need be.

What Gary discusses here is one of the most important side-effect of the dual rise of social media and mobility in respect to business communications, marketing, customer experiences and competitive best practices. Gary looks beyond eyeball shift, the erosion of attention and shiny new object syndrome to shine a light on cultural forces, shifts in customer expectations, and how businesses need to adapt to them in order to stay competitive.

If the video doesn’t play for you, click here.

This might help explain why so many people are buying Gary’s “The Thank You Economy” (which just came out this month) and “Social Media ROI” together that has now started to suggest that more people do the same:

Not a bad pairing. Kind of like… a really smooth Cabernet and a perfectly cellar aged goat Gouda.

If you have been considering buying #smROI and haven’t yet, consider adding Gary’s latest to your cart. (Feed your left brain and your right brain.)