A few years ago, fellow Corante alumn Lois Kelly asked a question on her Foghound blog:

“If James Lipton, host of “Inside the Actor’s Studio” BRAVO television program, were to interview a marketing or business person , here’s how he’d probably adapt his famous 10 questions that he asks at the end of the show. How would you answer them?”

It occurs to me that although this blog has been around since around 2005, I still don’t know all of you all that well. In the interest of getting to know each other better, I thought the first business day of 2011 might be a good time to dust off Lois’ idea and use Mr. Lipton’s format to get us started. I will go first, for good measure:

What is your favorite marketing/business word?


What is your least favorite marketing/business word?

It’s a tossup between “no” and “utilize.”

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally about marketing/business?

Turning people on to ideas, products or causes you know they will absolutely love.

What turns you off about marketing/business?

How often people’s lack of professional integrity, absence of empathy and dishonesty tend to be rewarded.

What’s your favorite curse word when you see really bad marketing?

What the f..ck?!

What sound or noise do marketers/business people make that you love?

That electrically-charged moment of silence when the light bulb blinks on inside their heads.

What sound or noise do marketers/business people make that you hate?

The sound of bullshit.

What profession other than marketing should marketers attempt – to become better at marketing?

That’s a tough one. Product design. Customer service. Combat Photography. Just about anything that teaches someone to understand people and connect with the world.

What profession should marketers never try?


If marketing heaven exists, what would God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

“Ah. You again. I’ve been looking forward to this.”

Your turn: Either answer in the comments section or post your Q/A on your blog. (Don’t forget to link back so I will see your answers.)  Looking forward to learning a little more about you. If you tweet a link to your replies, fell free to use the #TBBQA tag.