Though the presentation has morphed a bit since this version made its debut at the first Social Fresh conference a scant 11 months ago, this original version still manages to pretty clearly explain the basics of a) defining what R.O.I. (Return on Investment) is, and b) applying that basic knowledge to Social Media endeavors.

After almost a year of teaching this, over 730 embeds and close to 150,000 views on slideshare, we’re making pretty decent progress, but judging by the show of hands at the Supergenius conference this past week in New York, many people who should have seen it still haven’t.

So here it is again: The original ‘Basics of Social Media R.O.I.’ presentation. Share it as needed.

(If the above embed doesn’t work, click here.)

Bonus: Speaking of the Supergenius conference, check out some of the highlights here.