So, we’re finally moving the blog to a real url, and the process of designing the new look, structure and navigation has begun.

Before we get too far with the design brief, since you are the ones reading my stuff, it makes sense that you, my readers tell me what types of features and design you would like to see in The BrandBuilder Blog v4.0. This is your blog after all. You’re the ones reading and consulting it daily. It should fall to you to let me know how I can make it better. I just work here.

So if you could change something about the site, what would it be? A more contextual layout? A more searchable archive? More pretty pictures? A TBB store for white papers, training videos, podcasts and Chico swag? Printable TBB paper dolls? Should certain categories of posts have their own space (like R.O.I. or management tips)? Β Don’t be shy. Hit me with your ideas. Anything goes.

Let’s see what this little crowdsourcing project turns up. πŸ™‚

Note: TBBB v4.0 design will be handled by the amazing folks at freshID.