marketing in 2009

Back in January of 2009, Conversation Agent‘s Valeria Maltoni / @conversationage published a great little e-book she co-produced with a dozen of us with a simple purpose: Blow. Your. Minds.

I kid. The premise was actually this: Outline a set of Marketing imperatives for 2009, as seen by some of the industry’s thought leaders. With contributors like Beth Harte, Francois Gossieaux, Amber Naslund, Mike Wagner and myself (among others) sharing thoughts on what’s what, it’s a great little read. It’s called Marketing in 2009, and you can download it here.

Why bring it back up? Well, two reasons:

1. It’s been 8 months, so it was time to dust it off and revisit some of the topics and arguments presented in the piece. Most are still 100% relevant today, so they’re worth discussing again. Your business (or your clients’ businesses) need this kind of insight today more than ever.

2. My piece on tying Social Media to real business performance by using the F.R.Y. methodology makes a great companion to the R.O.I. presentation I delivered this week at the Social Fresh conference, and some of the early videos posted on

By the way, if you weren’t already aware, most of the content I publish (video, audio, presentations, interviews, etc.) about Social Media ROI automatically ends up on It’s a nice convenient place to send anyone with questions about Social Media ROI – much more than having to dig through this blog’s archives, anyway – so don’t be shy: Use it.Ā  It was built for you guys. (Big, BIG props to Kristi Colvin for building that site in Tumbler for me. It’s shaping up super nicely.)

I’ve even added a little boxy thingie (below) in case you want to paste the ebook to your website. Feel free to grab it if you want:

Marketing in 2009