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The Moleskine notebook is the new Mac.

There, I’ve said it. Chastise me if you will, point out that a notebook is analog, laugh at me for making such a ridiculous comparison… but you know it’s true: When all the other cool kids have a MacBook and an iPhone and the neat creative director-style glasses, what’s the next badge of cool? That’s right: The Moleskine.

A year ago, seldom did I see someone in my peer network pull a Moleskine notebook out of their messenger bag or briefcase. Not surprisingly, a year later, the Moleskine owners’ club looks pretty strong. Surprising? Not really. The product management team at Moleskine seems to have done everything right: They’re cool, they’re functional, they’re super well designed, they’re iconic, they look professional, and they have a story.

Exactly a year ago this week, I bought my first Moleskine since my days in the military. (The company was under different ownership back then.) Since then, my Moleskine has been my constant companion, my confident, my travel buddy, my easel, my sketch pad, my memory, and my idea generator. For the tremendous use I got out of it, my trusty Moleskine lasted exactly one year: I finally ran out of pages this week.

moleskine pages

Buying a new Moleskine a few days ago was bittersweet: On the one hand, I am pretty excited to have a fresh new notebook in which to record a whole new year’s worth of ideas, thoughts, observations, notes, sketches, solutions and adventures. But I also know that I will miss my old Moleskine.

So… tell me…

One: Do you Moleskine?

Two: If you do, what’s in your Moleskine?

And um… Moleskine marketing peeps, yeah, feel free to drop me a note to say hi. You guys pretty much get a thumbs-up from me.

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