Jul 30 2009 - VID00001_2

I was kindly invited by Social Media Club Greenville to be a presenter during their inaugural Pecha Kucha event last week and brought with me an atypically short and succinct presentation with me. (If you aren’t familiar with the Pecha Kucha model, it’s like this: 20 slides, 20 seconds each. That’s it.) Being of the school of blabber, limiting myself to less than 7 minutes to present anything (much less say hello) is nigh impossible. I gave it a shot anyway, and this preso is the outcome of this little exercise.

The point: Illustrating twelve misuses of the term “Social Media R.O.I.” overheard over the last nine months, and attributing them to the most likely culprits: very specific personality types within organizations – the ones most likely to come up with them and actually have the huevos to use them as if they were in fact real.

Here you go:

If the link doesn’t work or you cannot access it via your mobile device, go check out the slideshare presentation here.

There are many more types of Social Media Monkeys (and misuses of Social Media R.O.I.) but given the format, I only had time for these 12.

I will add a link to the video of the presentation as soon as I get my hands on it. Thanks to SMC Greenville, Trey Pennington and the Jackson Marketing Group for putting on this very fun event. More photos (courtesy of Trey Pennington):