It happens every single year: Sometime between mid-July and mid-August, my posting rate drops considerably. You can almost set your calendars to it. I struggle with this a bit, as my contributions to this and other blogs are pretty important to me, but year after year, I find myself falling into the same pattern: One post per week- maybe two – is about all I seem to manage.

Possible reasons for this annual phenomenon:

1. Summer: The days are long. The sun is warm. I spend as much time outside as I can, which in my world means running and cycling for hours on end at a pretty high level of exertion. When I finally drag my salty tired body home, the last thing I want to do is spend more energy thinking about writing a post, much less reading and writing. My priorities are (not necessarily in that order) food, drink, shower, rest, QT with the family.

In the winter, when it is way too cold and dark for me to go ride my bike for three hours after work, I come home energized and ready to write 30,000 word daily.

2. Frenchness: The French take the summer off. I am French. The slowdown usually hits the week leading to Bastille Day. Draw your own conclusions. (This could be genetic.)

3. Creative cycles and summer writing projects: My need to write shifts genres cyclically. I go through extremely prolific blogging periods. I also go through very creative periods. While the two often overlap, there are times in the year when they are diametrically opposed. This is such a time. Do I want to write? Yes. Am I writing? Yes. Does this writing have anything to do with the brandbuilder blog? Nope.

4. Blogging self doubt: Some people occasionally take my posts out of context and take offense to them. It usually happens in the warmer months for whatever reason. Believe it or not, that doesn’t make my day, especially when I didn’t mean anything by the posts in question. An hefty daily dose of hate mail from people whose feelings I didn’t mean to hurt makes me want to take a step back and take a break for a few weeks. (Though this year, this hasn’t happened yet.)

5. Summer movies. Wolverine. Terminator. Star Trek. Bruno. Harry Potter. Transformers. Not all good, but all must be attended and watched. This takes time and neurons.

6. W.O.R.K. Traveling in July and almost every week in August + Working so much I don’t have a minute to myself during the day. Nuff said.

7. Kids are out of school. I do stuff with them. It’s fun. Blogging can wait.

8. Yard work. House work. (No matter how much I try to neglect them, plants grow. Grass and weeds fall into that category.) Projects abound. I need a gardener and a contractor. (I really don’t have time for this stuff… and don’t enjoy it all that much.)

9. Photo shoots. Love them. Hate them. Either way, they take up a lot of time and energy. Clients like summer photo shoots for their fall season.

10. Maybe there’s just less going on. Less to talk and write about – at least in the marketing and brand development worlds this time of year.

11. Le Tour de France.

Whatever the reasons may be (all of the above,) no worries, the slowdown you may have noticed recently is normal. It happens every year. Enjoy the light blogging over the next few weeks, read less of what I have to say and go experience the world more.  (Yes, out there in the sun with big wide open skies and fresh air, not inside a climate-controled room with artificial light.) I’m not going anywhere, I’m just slacking off the pace a little bit.

No worries, things will get back to normal any day now. 😉