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Via Amber Naslund (@ambercadabra) on Twitter yesterday – This (posted on mashable) is not the way to go about hiring an experienced Social Media Practitioner to get a practice up and running:

Intelligent Social Media Consultant to support a consumer PR agency based in NYC. You will not be working in-house – so you must be willing to be on call for a flat, monthly retainer fee.

The most necessary requirement of this position – is an ability to create in-depth Social Media proposals with an eye towards driving a PR campaign, then helping those proposals to be executed – either through your own technical expertise, or by appropriately functioning as a Project Manager. Examples of your writing and previous proposals are required.

• Knowing your trade, if you’re not 100% up-to-date on the latest and greatest tools for social media (including Facebook corporate pages, Twitter, and Social Media News Releases, just to name a few examples), please do not apply.
• You need to understand the world of PR, and how it can translate to Social Media. We want you to know great examples of successful PR/social media campaigns, what a company’s competitors are doing, and how we can replicate that to create similar success stories.
• Must have: first-rate writing skills
• Must have: ability to consistently generate creative ideas for corporate clients and explain those ideas in-depth, in writing, and in a proposal
• Must be willing and able: to create multiple proposals in a week if necessary
• You must be willing to attend on-site corporate client meetings when necessary
• You must be detail oriented and quantitative (you will be called on to perform Social Media Audits, for example
• You must understand Social Media metrics – (we are always asked to show an ROI to clients, you need to not only have creative ideas but also have the skill to know how to measure the campaigns you help us to create)

Our PR campaigns draw on the full arsenal of Social Media tools, and for the purpose of the proposals you create for us and for the campaigns you oversee, you will need strong resources and up-to-the-minute industry knowledge to execute: Twitter feeds (and Corporate Twitter Feeds), Facebook (Corporate), Myspace (Corporate), Blogs/Vlogs, Optimized Press Releases, Social Media News Releases, Mobile Marketing Campaigns (not as frequent), Online Marketing/ Advertising, Online Newsrooms, Viral Videos, Photosharing, Podcasting & Webcasts, SEO, Microsites, Widgets & Wiki Updates

Flat Fee of $1,000 per month, plus additional commissions on campaigns you help us to land, plus other work-load related bonuses

First of all, I would ask this PR agency what happens once these winning proposals have been written and approved by the client: Who executes on these programs and campaigns if not the Social Media honcho? If this is going to work, someone has to build and manage these programs, right? If not the Social Media “consultant” who wrote out the plan, whom? (Fail #1).

Fail #2: $1,000 per month? Are you kidding me? For all of that? (writing proposals, meeting with clients, Social Media audits, ROI measurement.) Yeah. Good luck with that. (It’s only NYC: I’m sure anyone can get by just fine on $12K per year – pre-tax.) Not that those skills are worth ten times that.

Question to the company responsible for this req: Where do I apply for the $800 per month CMO job please?

Man, it’s good to see smart companies still willing to pay big bucks for big talent. Way to go.

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