So you want to start or grow a customer engagement, community-building or social media practice at work (or for a client) and you’re having a tough time getting the key decision-maker onboard?

Guess what: You’re probably doing more selling than listening. Shut up and ask them what they need. Chances are, they’ll tell you they need more sales. And unless you understand how to talk about social web, customer engagement and sales impact in the same sentence, guess what: You can’t solve their problem.

Let me throw a little moment of divine clarity your way: If you can’t solve their problem, your value to them and the value of your idea are both precisely zero. So watch this video and see if something clicks:

Instead of talking about social mention and brand loyalty to a guy who thinks that Marketing falls into the L section of his P&L, maybe you should focus on what matters to them, right?

If you like this video (and if you found it helpful) let me know and I will post more on the same topic. I’ve just skimmed the surface with this. There’s a whole lot more to talk about.