This is the email I received from a web design company today:

We have not received any reply yet. You are receiving this email because we wish you to use our web design service.

We are web design studio from China. We are specialized in web page design, website development, graphics & multi-media design, flash website design and other relevant services. We pride ourselves with our technical strength, professional vision, unique style, and most of all, our highly devoted professional designers. We are in position to offer website solution, graphics design, e-commerce solution, online promotion and other medium and small business oriented services.

Core offerings

Business website design
Business website redesign
Flash website design
Flash website redesign
Ecommerce website design
Ecommerce website redesign
Company website design
Company catalog design
Company logo design

Graphic design
Google search engine optimization
ERP Solutions

Pls check our website to see portfolio.

Yeaaaaah. Let me get right on that.

My favorite part: “We have not rceived a reply yet. You are receiving this email because we wish you to use our (…) service.”

See… if these guys had actually gone just a little further with that a threatened me, maybe that would help me get off the fence. ๐Ÿ˜€ (“If you do not use our service, we will have to take immediate action. Do not make us come over there!”)

Yeah, they’re going to go far.