I’ll give you 10 simple reasons why you should take a few minutes each day for the next week or so to read this killer (and 100% free) e-book:

1. Valeria Maltoni (of Conversation Agent, Marketing Profs and fame) was the mastermind behind the project.

2. Matt DICKMAN, Fleishman-Hillard (contributor)

3. Francois Gossieaux and Lois Kelly, Beeline Labs (contributors)

4. Beth Harte, Harte Marketing & Communications (contributor)

5. Amber Naslund, Altitude Branding and Radian6 (contributor)

6. Mike Wagner, White Rabbit Group (contributor)

7. Christina Kerley, CK Epiphany Marketing (contributor)

8. Mike Fruchter, Connie Reece, Alan Wolk (rock star contributors)

9. Jennifer Laylock, Search Engine Guide (contributor)

10. Yours truly (contributor)

Some quick little bites to get your apetite going:

“The foundation and core of what social media is, consists of the five C’s. Conversation, community, commenting, collaboration and contribution” – Mike Fruchter

“With social media as a platform for participation, people can behave the way they were hardwired to behave in the first place – humanly, tribally” – Francois Gossieaux

“Social media enhances marketing efforts as an additional indirect communication channel” – Beth Harte

“Companies with greater social intelligence have stronger bonds with employees and customers, and that translates into revenue” – Lois Kelly

“Social media isn’t causing problems, but it is revealing them. And the problems aren’t new; they’ve been around for a while” – Mike Wagner

“The secret of success in social media is a product or a service that people actually like and use” – Alan Wolk

“For all the talk of measuring “engagement” and “brand valuation,” the value of any tool (social media or otherwise) to a classically trained MBA boils down to a simple question: “How does this impact my P&L?” In other words, “how will this impact my business? Please answer in terms of dollars.” Fact: Until you can demonstrate that Social Media tools can yield some type of measurable impact on the health of a business, you won’t be getting much traction.


“In order for engagement to be truly measurable in terms of effectiveness, you have to be able to tie that engagement to an impact on sales. (Yes, the almighty sale is still king in the world of business. Tie anything to sales, and you will get even the most old fashioned CEO’s attention.) Measuring Social Media’s impact on sales isn’t what I would call simple, but it isn’t brain surgery either.” Read more…

– Olivier Blanchard

Download the book, print it, read it, make copies for your colleagues (or even your boss), forward it to friends… but most importantly, give what we shared with you some thought… and try to find at least one thing to act upon today. Your customers will thank you for it!

On a personal note, very VERY special thanks to Valeria for giving me an opportunity to have my name printed next to such brilliant marketing thought leaders. Pretty cool stuff.

Have a great Wednesday everyone. 🙂