barack obama

Mr. President, none of what you do after today would have been half as relevant had you not started with everything being so broken… so take solace in the knowledge that your talents and hard wok will not have been wasted on an easy presidency.

That you are the right man for the right job at the right time is what most of us are betting on, and political, religious and philosophical views aside, my money is on you. Quite literally.

Truth is, this isn’t going to be easy. It isn’t even going to be all that enjoyable for you. The next four years will be the most trying of your entire life…Β  But know that rain or shine, many of us – most of us, in fact – will be beside you every step of the way. When the burden gets too heavy for you to carry, don’t think twice about leaning on us. We’ll be here for you.

Now get out there and make us proud. We expect nothing less and nothing more. πŸ˜‰