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Happy New Year!

olivier blanchard

Welcome to a whole new year! We only have 365 days to make it rock, so we’d better get started.

So let’s see… war in the Middle East, North Korea boosting its military, famine in Africa, a global economic crisis, rising unemployment… At least we’re off to an interesting start.

So what’s the plan for this year? On my end, here are a few goals that relate to our typical discussions:

1. Help businesses thrive, even in this economy. To that end, I will be launching the marketing management and consulting arm of the BrandBuilder blog later this month. I have been testing the waters by working on the DL with a few clients over the last couple of months, and I am VERY excited about where this is going already.

The coolest part about the BrandBuilder business model is that it will allow me to work not only with business clients but also seamlessly with their PR firms, ad agencies and other marketing service providers. (Collaboration rather than competition. What a concept, right?)

2. Help create jobs: The faster we can help companies do well again, the faster they will start looking for talent to fill their empty desks. By helping clients grow, I can help create jobs. That motivates me a whole lot.

3. Finally partner with some of the smartest, most talented marketing and business professionals on the planet: Web designers, graphic designers, copywriters, social media strategists, marketing consultants, etc. If I haven’t had a chance to chat with you yet, get in touch. Let’s find ways to work on something together. 🙂

4. Continue to somehow come up with half-way decent content on the BrandBuilder blog. And the time to write it.

5. Continue to learn, learn, learn.

6. Resist the urge to be snarky, even when I’m in a mood.

7. Keep getting back up, no matter how many times I get hit. (Rocky Balboa suggested that one.)

8. Somehow make myself more available to you, my very own international brain trust.

9. Stop being so damn French all the time.

10. Keep my posts under 30,000 words.

Have a great new year, everyone! 🙂

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