Above: Sometimes, Chiquita gets to ride on my lap.

Not that I typically infuse the brandbuilder blog with personal interludes, but I’m in the mood this week, so deal with it. It has been brought to my attention that many of my occasional readers kind of dig the whole chihuahua thing… (some have even admitted that the only reason they ever visit the brandbuilder blog is to look at Chico’s quirky little mug) so I guess I should share a few interesting little details about the what, where, who of the brandbuilder blog’s chihuahua connection.

Fact #1: My wife and I own three dogs, two of them chihuahuas.

Fact #2: Chico, the brandbuilder blog’s mascot is the oldest. When he isn’t perking his big satellite dish ears up to listen to Marketing and business news (see the superfly brandbuilder blog graphic at the top of the page), you can usually find him either a) snoring, b) getting into trouble, or c) begging for food (see picture below.)


Yes. This is Chico’s best “feed me, I am starving” look. (Above.) Below is what usually happens after about thirty-seven seconds of begging. Note that in begging mode, Chihuahua ears are typically in the retracted position. It’s kind of like vampire fangs… but… without the vampire… or the fangs.


Our other Chihuahua is a new addition to the family. Her name is Chiquita. She’s nine months old and only weighs a pound and a half, which will most likely be her adult weight. (Yeah. She’s tiny.) This is what she looked like when we first got her. We sat her next to a can pf soup to get a sense of scale.


This is what she looks like now. (Below.) She’s gotten kind of scruffy, and her ears have become friggin enormous. (On particularly clear days, she can tune in to the BBC.)


Chiquita will probably join Chico as an integral part of this blog’s design at some point. We’re working on that with her agent.

Fact #3: Chihuahuas are vicious animals. Far worse than wild pitbulls. They have sharper teeth than reef sharks. They eat cats. But they know lots about marketing, so they’re good to have around.

Fact #4: To completely understand the psychological makeup of a chihuahua, one must watch at least six hours of Ren & Stimpy cartoons. You can gt by on less, but I wouldn’t advise it.

Fact #5: Chihuahuas have horrible breath. Take my word for it. Toxic. But like I said, they eat cats, so the two kind of balance each other out.

Why did I pick a chihuahua to essentially become the face of The BrandBuilder blog? Strangely enough, no particular reason. It was a total accident. I was having a tough time picking between several concepts that seemed… predictable, and my wife suggested “why don’t you just use Chico?” Far be it from me to ever ignore a silly idea, so I figured we could give it a shot. We set up a quick little photo shoot in the studio, got him to perk his ears up and look alert, and about a dozen shots into the session, I captured the half-cocked ear look. It made me laugh and just kind of stood out from the other images, so we used it. As it turns out, it worked well with the clean minimalist look I was going for, and it had the right blend of energy, inquisitiveness and “let’s not take this blog too seriously” vibe. It stuck.

Now you know. 😉

Oh, looks like it’s nap time again.


This concludes today’s “behind the scenes of the brandbuilder blog” episode. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.