Ruh-roh! Some silly daytime burglar tried to break into our house yesterday. Fortunately, our very own criminal mastermind only had time to rearrange our patio furniture and tie our old Golden retriever to a remote tree before they were interrupted – probably by my wife and kids coming home.

No windows were smashed, nothing was stolen and everyone is okay, so no worries.

Unfortunately, we have to upgrade the house’s security measures now or we’ll stress out every time we go out for dinner: Hello security cameras, additional window and door sensors, motion sensors, lasers, attack alligators and robot lions. Grrrreat. I spent the better part of the evening cataloging serial numbers on every valuable in the house and mapping out the security upgrade. Today, we’re installing hardware and talking to a couple of remote monitoring services.

All of this to say that regular blogging (Part 2 of our “save your dying brand” series) will resume tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.  Have a great day, everyone.

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