Hey everyone, I have been working on a presentation which outlines how to identify and rescue distressed brands, and I figured with the economy being a little scary right now, the timing might be right for me to turn the concept into a series of blog posts. I will be posting part 1 tomorrow, which will touch on two essential topics: Identifying symptoms of a distressed brand… and most importantly ACCEPTING that a brand is indeed in a state of distress.

All too often, brands fail not because their problems are too complex to fix or their obstacles too great to overcome, but because their stewards fail to accept that they are in serious trouble and need help.

Fact: Distressed brands – like countries, like sports teams, like economies, like people – can be nursed back to health. Under the right care, they can make complete recoveries. They can even come out stronger than they would have been had it not been for the crisis.

This type of rescue can be done quickly, fairly painlessly, and even on a budget… But the first step in the process is acknowledging that a) treatment is necessary, and b) that this treatment needs to begin immediately, not three or six months from now.

Let’s see if we can spend this week going over the process of saving a distressed brand. I invite everyone to comment, offer suggestions, share past experiences, and weigh in with whatever opinions you may have. If we do this right, this series of posts alone might help a few companies come up with ways to improve their condition and get their brands back on track. (If we can collectively accomplish that with just a few blog posts, we’ll have accomplished something pretty special.)

Have a great evening, everyone. We’ll see you guys here tomorrow. 🙂