I’m a PC, and I really dig these new ads by Microsoft. The context is global, the diversity is refreshing, and we’re just skimming the surface of the breadth of Microsoft users from around the globe – small business owners, superstars, entrepreneurs, educators, students, inventors, researchers, designers, architects, grandmothers, fishermen, writers, etc. They really capture the spirit of the global Microsoft community: Positive, engaged, international, cool, independent.

Bonus: I expect people will start making their own “I’m a PC” ads soon, which could be pretty cool.

Great “stereotype” wink at the start of each one. The best part isn’t that the ads are good and that they work for all the reasons mentioned above (and they do). No, the best part is the way they effectively kill Apple’s Mac vs. PC ads: The diversity of PC users is so overwhelming compared to the kid from the Mac ads that once you’ve watched them and go back to Apple’s campaign, the only stereotype left is the Mac guy. There’s a much bigger world out there, Apple, and it belongs to us PCs.

All is fair in love, war… and advertising. It’s about time we finally had our story told.

Hat tip to Steve Clayton.

(I sense a comment from Spike any moment now. 3… 2… 1…)