I was recently asked why I didn’t own www.olivierblanchard.com. My answer was a frustrated mix of grunts, shrugs and frowns. Why? Because the cold hard ugly truth is that another Olivier Blanchard beat me to it.

And just so you know, that sucks- at least for me. 

Just so you know, there are four very distinct Olivier Blanchards in my universe:

1. Me.

2. The MIT professor, author, and international Economics superstar (whom I hope to accidentally meet in an airport terminal someday). If you google me, you get him instead. He is basically the James Bond of Economics.

3. My paternal grandfather – who was Cavalry Officer in both WWI and WW2 and after whom I was named.

4. This guy. The guy who nabbed the best url in the world if you happen to share the same name as yours truly. The guy who robbed me of my dream to claim ownership of olivierblanchard.com, at least for now. 

For the record, I don’t hate olivier Blanchard #4. I really don’t. I bet he’s a super nice guy. I’d probably end up really liking the guy if we ever shared a few beers and started talking about design or visual arts.  (He’s a photographer, which I guess carries its own layer of irony.)  I just really wish I had beaten him to it because now I’m a little bit screwed. I am considering other options to expand my very own little corner of the web universe, but none as good and simple as olivierblanchard.com.