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If you follow the assumption that men with um… “manliness” issues tend to overcompensate by buying enormous SUVs or powerful sports cars and adopting dangerous, aggressive dogs like Pit bulls, then I must be pretty damn comfortable about my own macho meter.

Meet Chiquita – Chico’s little sister. (Chico is the brandbuilder mascot, in case you were wondering) She only weighs .9 lbs right now.

All I need now is one of these, and I think we can safely brand me the manliest hombre in Twitterville. Booyah!

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I love this question on the Biztrek blog:

Stop for a moment to consider what would happen if your business no longer existed. How would your customers react. Would you really be missed? Could they easily get what they need from somewhere else? Would they be equally well off?

Assuming you aren’t Apple, Starbucks, Microsoft or Disney, how do you answer that question?

If you’re Exxon, your customers will go fuel up with BP or Shell.
If you’re Calvin Klein, your customers will buy Kenneth Cole or Ralph Lauren or DKNY instead.
If you’re Publix, your customers will cross the street to get their groceries from Bloom or BiLo or Ingles.
If you’re Best Buy, Circuit City will handle the overflow.
If you’re McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s will be happy to take over your share.
If you’re Joe Shmolinski, perhaps Jim Smith or Lucy Kilgore or Mack Jackson can do your job just as well.

So what about you? What’s your unique value proposition? What makes you indispensable to your customers/users/employers/market?

It isn’t a rhetorical question. Get out a piece of paper and actually write it down. You need to know what the answer is (1) and you need to be able to verbalize it to others (2) when they need to know what makes you or your product or your company worth their time and greenbacks.

Follow-up reading over at Client-Magnet.

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Two things:

1. Is it me, or does Steve Jobs look ill? I don’t remember ever seeing him look so skinny. He’s skin and bones. What gives?

2. I don’t know if Steve Jobs even uses Powerpoint*, but whatever. He knows how to convey his message in one slide without getting into a buttload of tables and graphs and bullets. Look how simple his slide is. I love that.

* Thanks to cdmwebs, I now know that Apple’s answer to Powerpoint is called Keynote. How did I not know that? Um… I’m a Microsoft guy. Give me a break already. See? I learned something on Twitter today.

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