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Via Jennifer Rice’s What’s Your Brand Mantra, Mark Hurst‘s brilliant little primer on the difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience:

“Customer service is the job of front-line workers, servicing customer requests for help – via an 800 number, e-mail, or a retail desk. It’s important to invest in good customer service, but that’s just the tiniest sliver of the customer experience.

“Customer experience is the job of everyone in the company. My customer experience was bad because the product, and the refund policy, are both broken. Everyone from the CEO and CFO to the product designers and manufacturing facility contributed to this bad customer experience; and as a result, they’ve lost a customer and generated bad word of mouth. The good customer service I received didn’t – and couldn’t possibly – fix the overall experience.”

Go read the rest here and here.

Update: Marc points us to a cool little site called measuredup.com, where you can write and read reviews (positive and negative) about businesses, customer service experiences, etc. Great stuff.

Have a great weekend. 🙂

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