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If like me, you’re fanatical about a) access to relevant (dare I say actionable) data and b) new ways of communicating or presenting this data, then you will love this site.

I was trying to explain to a few colleagues the other day that I needs tools to visualize data and business processes in 3D. I’ll bet that if I dig deep enough, this site will have what I am looking for. (Please please please?)

Eye candy for data brainiacs everywhere to be sure. Hopefully, you will never look at a lame little black and white line graph the same way again. (Shake things up a little!) Here are some cool examples:

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Mike Bawden (who was kind enough to quote me on his blog a while back) once wrote one of the simplest yet most astute observations about leadership that I have ever read:

Too many times business owners seem to be satisifed spending their careers as managers rather than leaders. When you see real leadership in action, you’re left in awe. Real leaders are active, engaged and motivating. They create an atmosphere that’s electric – both fun and productive.”

Well said.

Management is static. Management fosters a predictable business-as-usual , don’t-rock-the-boat, status-quo, bureaucratic environment.

Leadership is dynamic. It drives a business forward. It is unstoppable. You either commit to it and get on the train, or you get left behind.

Managers can become leaders, but managing and leading are far from the same thing.

There is no middle-ground.

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