photo: The gang, obviously reading a BrandBuilder post.

I finally made it to one of Orange Coat‘s notorious Bag-Lunch-Thursdays today, and proceeded to get my buttocks handed to me at a game of wii bowling.

Among the topics of discussion:

– Who actually started OC’s BLT tradition?
– Would you pay $150 to spend cocktail hour with the most evil person on the planet?
– Do the French secretly love McDonald’s?
– Where is Julia Child actually from?

For the photostream, go here. For the story, go here.

The final scores. That’s… me… on the far right.

The all-knowing Orange Yeti may have won this time… but I will have my revenge.

Things I’ve learned today:

– There are worse ways of spending your lunch hour on a Thursday.
– I suck at wii bowling.
– Cucumbers and balsamic vinegar go well together.

Have a good one. 😉