… and they all go directly to my junk box.

I have to wonder what the point of junk email is. I mean… does this sort of online “marketing” exercise actually generate any business at all? Does anyone who gets a poorly written email about some unknown stock jump at the chance to invest in that stock?

This is my favorite one this week so far:

Tuesdays Trading Could Be Huge!

ww Energy Inc.
Symbol : wwng
Already 100% gain today!

WWNG is releasing huge news Tuesday.

Hot news can provide huge profits. (???)

Set your buy for open and beat the news.

Get WWNG Tuesday. Morn.

Let me set my alarm clock to Tokyo time so I can get in on this before anyone else on the planet!!!!

I just wish I’d bought my one share when it was still worth $0.01 so I could brag about how my latest energy stock split after just one day! Woohoo! Genius.

At least, the English was half-way decent this time around.

photo credit: if you have to ask, you don’t need to know.