Mike Wagner, over at Own Your Brand made some great comments about customer service last week in this post. Here’s my favorite one:

Customers need you to manage their experience.

Great customer service anticipates confusion, concerns, and questions.

When clients face something big, new or scary, great customer service must map out the experience and manage it every step of the way.

I’ve always been mystified that customer service jobs in most companies are among the lowest paid and least respected positions. There should be nothing more important than serving your customer. These employees enforce or kill your brand every time they answer the phone or greet a client. Shouldn’t your most experienced, well-compensated, and engaged employees be serving your customers?

Take a look at how your organization serves your customers from initial contact through follow up customer service. Do you strengthen or weaken your brand at every client interaction?

Ask these questions now, be truthful about the answers, and take corrective action, if necessary.

Yep. Have a great Monday, everyone. 🙂