So today was Day #1 of the 2007 Innoventure conference in sunny Greenville, SC. One of the central purposes of the conference is to bring innovative talent, research labs, and venture capital together in one place. (So yeah, there’s some magic going on in Greenville around this time each year.) I didn’t get a chance to attend Innoventure last year, so I wanted to make sure to check it out this time around.

And as a bonus, organizer, mastermind and business development superstar John “Swamp Fox” Warner announced today that Innoventure is going on a world tour.

Okay… maybe not exactly a world tour yet… but the conference will be expanding to North Carolina and Georgia next year, which is pretty exciting.

You may not think of this part of the country as being a cradle of innovation… but it is quickly becoming just that. We have the universities, we have the industries, we have the academics, we have the banks, and we certainly have the talent.

Here are some photos from Day #1:

above: the ever popular Innovention Cafe

above: Communities of innovation

above: CIO Roundtable

above: SCIN Capital forum

Day 1 was a great start. I’m looking forward to Day #2.

Oh… and one last little photo: (Sorry, Evan. I couldn’t resist…)

Have a great Wednesday, everyone. 🙂