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So, I flew up to Saratoga Springs (NY) and back yesterday, and I have to commend US Airways on providing me with my first flawless round-trip airline experience in the US in at least ten years. (They’ve come a long way since 2004.)

So here’s the skinny:

1) Every human touchpoint at US Airways in Greenville, Philadelphia and Albany was friendly, professional, and attentive to everyone’s needs.
2) The flights boarded on time and landed on time.
3) Check-in was painless and smooth.
4) The planes were clean, the drinks were served promptly, and the pretzels were delicious.
5) The pilots were all so good, they could have landed us on a carrier without batting an eyelash.

Like I said, flawless. Even pleasant. The way airlines ought to be. That’s pretty refreshing. (If you’ve missed some of my past in-flight debacles click here, here, and most recently here.)

So US Airways, thanks for getting things right yesterday. I’ll be flying your friendly skies again for sure, and singing your praises to everyone I know.

For those of you who couldn’t care less about my in-flight adventures and would rather read something insightful about the world of brands, click on the image below to link to this oldie but goodie. (It’s about brand loyalty vs. brand comfort.)

Have a great thursday, everyone. 🙂

PS: Thanks to Bob, Laura, Michelle, Todd, Mark, Nanette, the other Mark, and everyone else I met at Palio yesterday for being so accomodating and taking the time to spend part of an afternoon with me to talk about branding. I learned a lot, and you guys all rock.

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