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A little Blogroll TLC

In case you haven’t updated your blogroll in a while, here’s a short list of blogs – some of them new, some of them not so new – that you might want to check out. With any luck, you might discover – or rediscover – a real gem. Enjoy:

Logic+Emotion David Armano’s incredible blog is in my top 5. Maybe even my top 3. If you like the brandbuilder blog, you will love L+E. Add it to your blogroll or RSS feed immediately if you haven’t done so already.

Own Your Brand Mike Wagner’s posts are always insightful and well-written, so be sure to swing by there often. He’s also in my top 5 these days.

Corante The convenient superblog already aggregates many of the feeds from some of the best Marketing bloggers out there (including yours truly), so it’s kind of one of those great little “one-stop-shopping” deals pertaining to the blogosphere.

Marketing Profs Similar to Corante, but with a broader feed base. Combine Corante and MProfs, and you’ll always be in the loop when it comes to the best Marketing thought leadership in the world. Membership required for full access… but it’s well worth the trouble.

Simple & Loveable The name speaks for itself, and the fact that these guys are based out of New Zealand makes them exotic and cool too. Sometimes, a studio-based perspective is more interesting than the broad brushtrokes of your typical A-listers… and well-read Z-listers.

Beyond Madison Avenue Edgy, crispy, but definitely not sugar-coated. If you’re feeling a little passive-aggressive, this might be your fix.

SwampFox Insights
Entrepreneur and Visionary businessman John Warner’s personal look at innovation and entrepreneurship in South Carolina and the South East.

Orange Yeti The format and the feeds at the bottom of the page make up just the right blend of relevance and randomness that makes reading blogs both entertaining and useful. Seriously, who needs CNN or MSN when you have the Yeti? Nobody; that’s who. And now that they’re a trinity, there will be no stopping them.

Blog Till You Drop Musings and opinions about the Marketing world told from the p.o.v. of a French Marketing professional living in the UK.

BrandXpress Don’t let its low-key approach fool you. BrandXpress is one of the most straightforward and a-propos blogs in my blogroll. Most definitely a must-read.

BrandInfection Categorized eye candy from the Marketing/Advertising universe, along with relevant news. A great little pitstop to find out how brands are interfacing with the public on a daily basis.

And non-blogs of mention:

LoLL Willems
is a ridiculously talented French photographer based out of Lyon (Fr.). His work with Super Fudge Chunk, Sixteen Horsepower, Stereophonics, Superbus, and Fake Oddity (yes, all rock bands) is just the tip of the iceberg. He and his buddies over at Sept Minutes De Plus (Seven Minutes More) – a creative studio also based in Lyon – are starting to enjoy quite the cult following in France, the US and the UK. If F360 can’t shoot it or design it, these guys definitely can. Both sites/studios will be worth watching over the next few years.

Enjoy the browsing, and have a great weekend, everyone. For more blogs I like to check out, scroll down the right side of the page. They’re all good. 🙂

PS – Overheard today –

“Maybe a donkey is a mix between a pig and a bunny.”

See? Genius is everywhere.

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