I am so swamped this week (again) that I barely have time to write anything. I don’t mind being that busy, but I do miss posting here daily and spending some time reading other blogs.

That being said, there’s busy and then there’s busy… and then there’s the kind of busy that’s busy but with the kind of rhythm that makes it seem less… busy.

Know what I mean?

Okay. Maybe not. Let me try this again:

Last week, I was insanely busy. The sheer amount of work to be done, the meetings, the deadlines, the proposals, the presentations, all of these things were like a hundred tennis balls bouncing around me, and I could only catch or manage a handfulof them at a time.

This week, I have the same amount of work (more, actually), but it seems that the hundreds of tennis balls are all coming at me from the same place, and as long as I stay focused, I can handle each one of them before they start bouncing all over the place.

Rhythm. Groove. Zone. Whatever you want to call it, when you’re in it, life is good.

It’s kind of like standing in the eye of the storm.

I wouldn’t exactly call it peaceful, but it’s definitely fun and zen and exciting all at the same time.

And the work we’re doing seems kind of easy. Everything is flowing pretty well. Answering calls, returning emails, scheduling appointments, getting prepped for our shoot tomorrow, meeting with a couple of clients, delivering proofs, heading over to the kids’ Christmas pageant in thirty minutes, doing some last-minute Christmas shopping, rescheduling calls, preparing proposals…

Tennis balls bouncing right into the center of my racket.




Smooth like butta.

Someday, someone will explain to me (in a way that even a five-year-old can understand) the mechanics behind that rhythm. Behind being “in the zone.”

I’m sure it has something to do with Alpha waves and chemical receptors in the brain.

I’m sure that some people are better than others at getting into that mode.

Professional athletes. Artists. Soldiers. Brain surgeons.

Maybe soon, I should take the time to write a whole series of posts about why some organizations, companies and brands can get into the zone… and others can’t. Or won’t.

Cool stuff.

Gotta run. Have a great Tuesday. 🙂