No worries, the posting should get back to normal next week. This one’s been busy, what with Halloween, a surprise trip to the emergency room (no worries, everyone is fine), project deadlines all hitting the deck at the same time, the business partner leaving town for two weeks, photoshoots, interviews, gallery openings, fighting a cold, kicking my winter training into high gear, product testing, and working on a media kit for the Hincapie Sportswear Triathlon Team (yes, that was a shameless plug…).

Things should get back to normal both here and on the Corante Marketing hub as early as Monday.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

PS: Here’s a thought for you – What if all advertising were as venomous as politcal ads? Imagine what iPod commercials would look and sound like. Jaguar. HBO. McDonald’s. American Express. HP. Dove. KFC. Coca Cola. Travelocity. Absolut. The list goes on and on.