So… Sometimes, you come up with a silly little idea on the spur of the moment, and the client likes it so much he goes for a complete overkill.

Here’s a brief recap of a short conversation I had today at about 1:35pm:

“Hey, Olivier… that promo you made for us yesterday was really cool! Everyone really likes it. That was a pretty sweet idea.”

Oh… well um, thanks! It was fun putting it together. 🙂

“Right… so… what I’d like to do is send out four more promos this afternoon, if you don’t mind. I have to run out for a few hours, but I wrote down all the details for you. Can you put something together for each one by the end of the day?”

See? This is what happens. Careful what you wish for.

Aside from having to go pick up my credentials at the USA Cycling Pro Championship press center, making two dozen phone calls, and grabbing some pizza on the way home, I was done by 9:00pm. With a little more time and a sliver of a budget, we could have probably come up with something even cooler, but given the circumstances, I’m not all that unhappy with the result.

Okay… so I think it’s safe to say that we’ve just about tapped that one out.

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