You don’t need a G5.
You don’t need a superfly loft or studio.
You don’t need to hang out with the artsy crowd.
You don’t need the complete crayola set or Adobe suite.
You don’t even need the gnawed leftover stub of a #2 pencil.

I’ve watched untrained design teams build prototypes for everything from faucets to surgical equipment out of old markers, paper, and scotch tape.

I’ve watched wet fingertips trace revolutionary product and architectural designs on coffee tables.

Creativity has absolutely nothing to do with technology, tools or digs.

Anyone can come up with the next great idea. With the next great design. With the next great discovery.

Anyone. Especially you.

Don’t ever decide not to take part of the creative process because you don’t have “the right background” or “the right tools.” Don’t you dare. The world doesn’t work that way.

Most of the world’s greatest ideas came from way out of left field, from the most unlikely sources.

“Creativity is not device-dependent.” – Bruce Mau.

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