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Instead of looking for new places to defile with a) lousy advertising for b) lousy products, how about this: Leave our toilet paper, our barf bags and our eggs alone.

(What’s next: Sliced bread? Receipts? Utility bills? Stamps? Bar soap? Diapers? Please stop the madness.)

To all advertisers:

(A short letter)

Printing lame “ads” on toilet paper, eggs, and barf bags is spam.

Yeah, spam. (Not advertising.)

It isn’t good, it isn’t effective, and it makes you look bad.

Please stop. You’re embarrassing yourselves, and you’re getting on our collective last nerve.


People with brains.

Here’s what you do:

a) Stop with the gimmicks.
b) Get back to creating great products (like the companies that don’t need to advertise on eggs, toilet paper and barf bags).
c) Even if you can’t make great products, please find someone who’ll put together some great ads for you. We might not buy your stuff, but at least we’ll be entertained.


On a related note, the funniest quotation of the week (and it’s only Monday) comes to us via John Moore’s “Brand Autopsy” blog, and is from Phil Gee (US Airways’ spokesman), explaining US Airway’s decision to sell advertising on their air sickness bags:

“The airsick bag is not used like it was in the past — primarily with turbo-prop aircraft and cabins that weren’t pressurized — so the negative connotation of the sick sack has gone away.”

Phil, if you managed to say that with a straight face, you’re my new hero.

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