Thanks a bunch to Jackie Huba for pointing us to this great list by Deborah Schultz. It’s a top 10 list of phrases she finds herself repeating over and over again:

10. Yes, but why do I care?
9. I’m sorry but your product/company/feature does not make me go “aHA”, “cool”, “I want that”…yet.
8. Yes, it’s hard, but the devil is in the details.
7. Have you asked your customer’s what they want?
6. The last 20% effort is when things get really interesting?
5. No, real evangelism, buzz and community cannot be manufactured out of thin air.
4. Cultivating impassioned customers for sustainable growth actually takes time.
3. Because they are your customers – you are developing products for their use.
2. It’s a relationship, and relationships take work.
1. Why are you so afraid of your customers?

addition: “Your control over marketing was lost long ago.” (Yes m’am.)

Mine: “What is the one thing that makes people love you and your products?”

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