Just in case you hadn’t heard about this yet, fellow Corantonaut Francois Gossieaux gives us a scary heads up about the sudden blog access ban in India. (Yep, today, India closed access to Blogger, Typepad, and Geocities in the name of “fight against terrorism.”)

Per Francois:

“It is a slippery slope when democracies close down information sources in the name of blocking content that is “‘anti-national’ and ‘against public interest’.” But apparently that is exactly what happened in India, with the government blocking access to Blogger, Typepad, Geocities and a list of other sites 21 pages long.”

Maybe India should just ban the internet altogether. And cell phones as well. Why not ban mail while they’re at it?

Screw it. Just ban fire. It’s what started this whole mess anyway.

Gautam Gosh, a respected blogger and HR Professional in India is still able to access his WordPress account, but perhaps not for long. Check for updates there. Maybe this nonsense will go away in a few days.

In related news…

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