Pop quiz: You’re a toilet paper manufacturer, and your sales have been kind of static now for a few months. Your next campaign is going to focus on:

a) Comfort
b) Value
c) Reliability / Trust
d) Product Innovation
e) Sex Appeal / Luxury
f) other

Well, Charmin picked f) other, and decided to have some fun with their brand – and their audience. The result is pretty clever.

Charmin also created a blog that allows visitors to post, comment and vote on – yes, you guessed it – euphemisms for good old number two.

Too bad this campaign was aimed solely at the humor-friendly UK and will probably never make it to the US. (Oh wait… it just did.)

Seriously, though. Considering what toilet paper is for, it isn’t always easy to engage your customers… or get them to talk about you. Do people really talk to each other about how great their toilet paper is? Is there any WOM factor in the toilet paper world? If you are willing to take a few chances, the answer is obviously yes.

I like this ad because it has so many implied toilet-usage references that you have to watch it more than once to get them all. While the ad foesn’t say much about the attributes of Charmin TP, it definitely begs to be watched again and again, which is one of the traits of any great TV ad.

No, if you don’t mind, I have to go… drop the kids off at the pool.