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And a special hello to my new reader in Vanuatu – which is now officially the happiest place on Earth, by the way. (Vanuatu tops the Happy Planet Index, which measures quality of life against environmental impact.)

Cheers to you, your 83-island paradise, and your excellent taste in blogs. 🙂

And for one of the coolest articles I’ve read all year, find out how Prince Philip may very well be a living god:

(…)Their legend tells how this spiritual ancestor ended up in England — and eventually married a queen. Which explains why the Duke of Edinburgh, who is well aware of his role as a god in the eyes of the Yaohnanen tribe, has established a curious relationship with these people, who dwell in a simple village in the centre of the Vanuatu island of Tanna in the South Pacific.

Such is the revered status the Duke holds among the 400 tribespeople that, as their chickens scratch the dirt, they speak of him with the kind of devotion Catholics reserve for the Virgin Mary.

‘We are waiting for him to return to us,’ says white-haired Jack Naiva, the aged tribal chief, who thinks the Prince’s 85th birthday, a week today, would be the perfect opportunity.

‘But he’d better hurry up because I’m not getting any younger — and neither is he. We’ll build him a nice little house, he can have all the servants he wants and every day we will come to kneel at his feet because he is our true leader.’

You have to read the whole thing. You really do.

What does this have to do with Marketing and Branding?

Jeez… where should I start…

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Oh, come on. Just one more: Click here to watch the video. You know you love it.

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