Hi everyone, I am blogging live from WOMMA’s WOMBAT conference here in sunny San Francisco. On the agenda this morning:

“What is Word of Mouth Marketing? The Essential Word of Mouth Toolbox.”
Paul Rand, Global Chief Development and Innovation Officer, Ketchum
Gary Stein, Director of Strategy, Ammo Marketing.

“Practical Word of Mouth: 40 Word of Mouth Ideas You Can Implement Tomorrow for Not Much Money.”
Jim Nail, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Cymfony

“Practical Ethics: Implementing Ethics and Making It Work.”
Gary Spangler, Platform E-Business Leader, DuPont
Ann Moravick, CEO & President, Rowland Communications Worldwide
Andy Sernovitz, CEO, Word of Mouth Marketing Association

“Stats, and Data, and Numbers, oh my! All the facts and figures about word of mouth that you can eat.”
Ed Keller, CEO, The Keller Fay Group
Greg Wester, VP, In-Call Network, VoodooVox
Ann Green, SVP, Marketing Solutions, Millward Brown

And as a treat, check out the photos, huh? Oh yeah. It’s not just about wordsmithing anymore, is it?

Check out the full feed on the WOMBAT blog, but don’t worry, I’ll be back with some photos from the afternoon sesisons and a full recap of the day’s discussions later this evening.